Try a Hot Dog Bar!

Some may argue that Hot dogs aren’t the most healthy of foods, but when summer rolls around, we all find ourselves with a hamburger in one hand and a Hot dog in another. The other night my kids wanted to BBQ and we decided to create a hot dog bar. We wrapped our beef dogs […]

Mike’s Magic Dust Pork Chops

Thanks to barbecue pit-master, Mike Mills and his Magic Dust! It’s a little sweet, a little spicy, and super easy to prepare. Double-up the recipe and keep handy to sprinkle on other cuts of meat as well as vegetables. Serve alongside...

15 of Our Favorite Mouth-Watering Burgers

Beyond your average burger, any one of these burger recipes will have your mouth –and your guests’ mouths watering.  Juicy Gooey Nacho Thai Pork Burger Grilled Pork with Aioli Open-Face Turkey with Gruyere Spicy Sriracha,  Beef with Soy and Hoisin Sauce Paprika Lamb Burger with Almonds German Pork BurgerGrilled Herb with Goat Cheese Burger Beef […]

Did You Know You Could Grill This?

Sometime around mid summer, the thought of grilling or eating another burger turns my stomach. Here are some alternatives to the traditional BBQ fare.

The Town Famous for “The Super Bowl of Swine”

Memphis is one of America's greatest barbecue towns. Memphians have elevated barbecuing to an Olympic sport. Here's what to check out including Elvis and the ducks.

Enjoy BBQ Season Without the Guilt

Who does't love a summer BBQ? I have some tips to help you enjoy the grill guilt-free.

Grilled Baby Back Ribs w/Hot & Smoky BBQ Sauce

Get ready to get your hands and faces dirty with gooey, chop-licking, hot and smoky bbq baby back ribs.  Slaw and pickles are perfect side-kicks.

A Nutritional Lowdown on Libations

Whether you plan on consuming a cool brew at a BBQ or fancy cocktails at an upscale dinner this Memorial Day, check out the complete nutritional info on your libations of choice.

Em & Pop’s Chops

I prepared these pork chops and my dad grilled them up.  I recommend not using chops any thicker than 1/2″ or may turn out dry (over-cooked).  Pork-loin chops may be substituted in place of pork-shoulder chops.

Avoiding the BBQ Binge

It's officially BBQ season. How can you participate in this summer socializing without packing on the pounds?


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