The poor egg has gotten a bad rap in past years (I’m talking about real eggs as opposed to Cadbury ones). Just a few generations ago, eggs were a staple of most North American diets – but now are almost avoided like the plague –why? Extensive research over decades by a plethora of scientists has conclusively proven that the humble egg is in fact, an excellent nutritional source for healthy people. Yes there is cholesterol in eggs BUT only enough to pose a negative impact if consumed in great quantities (more than 2 per day, most days of the week) and in conjunction with other poor nutritional choices. The egg makes for an excellent source of protein at about 70 calories for the large size. It is perfect for a post-workout snack. You can also combine it with complex carbs and/or fruits and veggies for a complete and balanced meal. Along with the protein, eggs contain Vitamin D (helps maintain bone density, improve immunity, skin health, lower cholesterol and other effects), Choline (a member of the Vitamin B family, can help decrease inflammation, improve cell membrane function and may help combat fatigue) and Lutein (a member of the carotenoid family and antioxidant, contributes to eye and skin health) to name just a few more of its endearing qualities.

So don’t hate the egg and, in the spirit of Easter perhaps, consider incorporating more into your diet. Just be mindful not to eat more than 2 per day and no more than 3 times per week, also be careful not to load it up with extra fats and salt in your preparation.


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Author: tammyjuco

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