Getting Away Without the Kids

couple, beach, vacation, relaxation, blue sky, perfect dayI am a firm believer in getting away for a kid-free vacation. It is good for a marriage, good for the soul and great for your sanity. I know some of you have never been away without your kids. This amazes me … either, your children are much better or your tolerance much higher than mine. For those of you with kids whom you, of course adore, but need a break from, here are my suggestions for the perfect adult getaway.

1. Keep it short. Any longer than 3 nights, and I am chomping at the bit to get home. Don’t be afraid to jump on a plane for a quick jaunt. I am on vacation as soon as I get in the car. Bring a good book, a movie you’ve been wanting to see, or a list of things you and your significant other need to catch up on. Then, the flight is part of the fun and not just a means to an end.

annoying kid on the beach

2. Avoid other people’s kids at all costs. Find adult-only destinations, or places with adult-only pools and spots. The last thing you want to hear is some other kids screaming “Mommy” and “Daddy” while you are trying to decide between the rum punch and the pina colada.


3. Leave the guilt at Security. You deserve time away from your kids, and you’ll be a better parent when you come back. I can make the argument they deserve time away from you too. A little absence makes even adolescent hearts grow fonder. I’ve heard you shouldn’t talk about the kids while away. We’ve stopped trying to do this because the ensuing silence was deafening. Instead, we discuss how great they are, any issues they are having and our hopes for them. This is a welcome reprieve from talking over them or talking about who’s driving who where.

4. Don’t worry. They will survive. Sorry to disappoint you, but you are not the only one who can take care of them. Take two precautions. One, make sure your will is up to date and two, leave a signed letter allowing whoever is caring for your kids to make medical decisions in your absence. Click here to see a sample letter. The chances of either document being used is slim, but you will relax more knowing all you ducks are in a row.

5. Do not call home every five minutes. You are defeating the purpose of the trip. Do not buy the kids souvenirs every time you go away. You don’t need to add the cost of crap you will end up throwing away, just to assuage guilt you shouldn’t have in the first place.



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Author: Karen Latimer

Karen is a Family Doctor, mom of five and founder of Tips From Town.


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