You Know You’re From Westfield If…

We love our town–quirks and all! I just read a cute article that I wanted to share: “You Know You’re from Westfield If..” #1 was that we all crave Bagel Chateau all the time: true. My favorite was that we all will go to our grave defending Westfield against Scotch Plains! So true-that rivalry is intense! I even remember a fight or two breaking out over which was better. And I still hate when I hear Westfield being called “Wastefield!” The other funny one was the famous argument of which side of town is better: north or south? But we all know which one is best–wink, wink!

To read the full list, click here. Have one to add? Email us your favorite “You Know You’re From Westfield” thoughts! 

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Author: Natalie Golub


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