Smart Girls Fake It! by Too Faced

Smart Girls Fake It collection by Too Faced has become my new summer go to essential.  Since my recent bout with skin cancer I am doing everything I can to play it safe.  I’m actually obsessed with their, “Beach Bunny Bronzer.”  When I leave the house I actually look like I had just been at the beach all morning.  I think I’ve even managed to fool my husband into thinking my skin was naturally sunkissed!  Smart Girls Fake It collection by Too Faced provides a foolproof way to get that summer glow without the harmful UV rays.  If you are a sun worshiper, it’s time to think about covering up!  Too Faced offers a bronzer for every skin type.   If you want to dodge those laugh lines as long as possible, then ditch the sun worshiping because smart girls definitely fake it!

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Author: Jennifer Koliatsis

Jennifer is a middle school English teacher. She lives in Bethpage with her husband and two teenagers. To her, a great night out is anywhere with great people, whether that's at home, a new restaurant, or even a PTA meeting.