Where to Hire the Best Help for Wherever You’re Falling Short

When I was a teenager, I distinctly remember making fun of my mom because she had taped notes to herself EVERYWHERE to remind her where she was supposed to be and what she was supposed to be doing. Well, here is another instance where…I am becoming my mother. I have post-its on my steering wheel, my bathroom mirror, and my back door. Stand still long enough and I’ll put a post-it on you!

Where am I falling short? It seems like everywhere. There just isn’t enough of me to go around. I need another me. I need a warm body to help me get the kids out the door in the morning and to shuttle my kids around after school. I need 2 hours of heavy labor to clean out my garage before the cold hits so I can actually fit my minivan inside. My oldest needs math help beyond my skill level. I’d like someone to organize the 3-foot stack of photos and mementos that have accumulated over the last 10 years for my kids’ scrapbooks. And yes, I would pay someone to do it!

I don’t need steady help. My needs come in spurts and are very specific which has made it difficult to hire help…until now. And until cloning becomes reality, I have discovered a resource that can help! A couple of savvy NJ moms–inspired by their own unfulfilled needs–started a company that is booming called QuadJobs. They match up responsible college and grad school students with people (mostly moms like us) who need help doing a myriad of jobs. Students sign up and create profiles and that include their resumes, reviews, and skill-sets. Parents can post jobs and then are sent matches. (Think match.com without the romance.) A single post is on $7 or $35 for a year. And you choose the rate for the job.

So who are the students? Well, there’s Emma Webb. Oh, she’s just a neuroscience major from Colgate who is available to babysit and tutor! Or Ryan, a wide receiver for the Devils who also made Dean’s List two years in a row. We were curious about these kids, so we interviewed a few this summer. And I can tell you, they were all good eggs. These were hard-working, ambitious, young people with good hearts, The kind of kids you’d want in your family’s life. Check out our profiles on Khira, Tristan, and Ryan.

So take a load off and check it out: QuadJobs

Why We Like QuadJobs:
1. You can find someone to do very specific one-time only jobs.
2. There’s a huge range of talent in their pool. You’ll find applicants that are business-savvy, artistic, great with kids and heavy-lifters.
3. You decide what to pay. Employers pay students directly based on mutually agreed upon rates.
4. The level of students that they hire is impressive. These are hard-working, reliable, motivated young people–good, solid young adults that you can trust.


He’s a wide receiver for the Devils; has made the Dean’s List
two years in a row…and he babysits!

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Author: Heather Zachariah

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