The Crossing: The Best New TV Series

I know most people missed the pilot of The Crossing last night due to the NCAA basketball game but I watched both. They are comparing it to Lost which I never watched because it did not capture my interest. This show caught my eye. I usually don’t like sci-fi and was not expecting to like it, but I loved it: I’m hooked. The show is about time travel and a possible extinction of the human race. It starts with a body that washes up on a beach, then there are more bodies. Then out of nowhere, there are like 40-some people who show up out of nowhere and are from the future.

Watch the pilot before next week. I wish I could binge-watch the whole series, it is that good. And although it’s even a tad frightening at times, I felt like I had to keep watching for closure. Besides, little ones, the whole family will like it–12 and up.


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