From Keg to 6-Pack

Get rid of that beer-belly with the help of this abdominal exercise.

Free Workout – Equipment Optional

Gym Memberships can be costly, drop in fitness classes can run anywhere from $15- $65, so what can you do if you're not rolling in the moola but want to get your sweat on? I'm offering (a new) FREE workout post PLUS providing you the formula and tools needed to create more of your own workouts.

Deep Belly Burner

This deep core blaster is truly a challenge - are you up for it? There are several options to pick from.

Plank with Alternating 1 Arm Row

Develop a strong, sexy back while challenging your core muscles with this move of the week.

Advanced Side Plank

This move of the week is oh so good - you'll feel it the next day.