Some of My Favorite Sledding Hills

If you have been paying attention to the latest weather forecasts for tomorrow, it would seem that we MIGHT have a Snow Day tomorrow!

My kids have a tried and true method for obtaining a snow day. It involves a few simple steps, but they claim it works every time. First, put your pajamas on inside out, and then brush you teeth with the opposite hand. Next, you must flush an ice cube down the toilet. And lastly, sleep with a spoon under your pillow.

I am certain they will be doing this tonight. If we do end up having a day off from school, here are a few local sledding hills that might be a fun destination if and when cabin fever sets in…

  • Echo Lake Park, at the Summer Arts Hill near Springfield Avenue, Westfield
  • Galloping Hills Golf Course, Kenilworth
  • Kramer Manor Park, Scotch Plains
  • Meisel Park, Springfield
  • The Pill Ball Field, Lupine Way and Malvern Drive, this is a small hill perfect for toddlers, Clark
  • Raritan Road Hill, just past the parkway overpass, by the International House of Prayer , Cranford
  • Scotch Hills Golf Course, Scotch Plains
  • Behind Tamaqes School, Westfield
  • Unami Park , Garwood

Hope everyone enjoys the snow…If it snows.

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Author: Natalie Golub