Meet Kegbelly!

Supporting local musicians is really a necessity to keep them afloat.

Kegbelly is a power trio of sorts with a focus on guitar stylings of singer/writer/player Steve Caltabiano. Their style is rooted in Classic Rock traditions, a progressive twist on classical structures.  There is a heavy use of jazz chords and fusion chops. People often feel like they have heard this band before because the songs have good hooks and catchy melodies. Members Gerry Curreri, Barry Reiter along with Steve “Calto”  have two full length CD’s, and material for a next one. They are each dedicated to their craft – Curreri considers his drum set a member of his family, and Steve’s skills on guitar with Barry on bass is sheer talent.  You can listen to them here and perhaps even catch them at the  WUSB Benefest in September, the 9th at Katies of Smithtown. It’s a benefit concert to help WUSB Stonybrook Radio.In addition, the band is currently working on a video for some songs on the K2 CD.

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Author: Thea Ferzola


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