Lap it Up Workout

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This water-based workout is perfect for the summer season. Even if swimming is not your usual mode of exercise, this is a great way to shake up your training routine. All you need is a kickboard and a pool. This workout is based on a 25-meter length pool. If you are in a smaller pool, you can add 2-4 extra laps for each drill.

NB: Laps = X

Warmup: 6X easy Free Style

Moderate Pace:

2X Free Style

2X Breast Stroke

2X Butterfly

2X Back Stroke


8X Sprint Free Style down/ Easy Back Stroke back

8X Sprint Back Stroke down/ Easy Free Style back


2X Easy Frog Kicks (with board)

2X Easy Dolphin Kicks (with board)

Pool Width:

10X Aquatic Burpees with streamline (no arms) kicks across


4X Sprint Breast Stroke down/ Easy Butterfly back

4X Sprint Butterfly down/ Easy Breast Stroke back


4X Tombstone (hold kickboard upright, in front, ½ in water) Frog Kicks down/ easy Flutter Kick (flat board) back

Pool Width:

10X Aquatic Burpees with streamline (no arms) kicks across

2-Minute Rest

Finish: For Time (i.e. ASAP)

2X Butterfly

4X Breast Stroke

6X Back Stroke

8X Free Style


4X Any Style

2X Flutter kick with board

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