How to Escape the Chaos When There’s No Where to Go

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Somedays you just need to escape and get your dose of wellness whether it’s a full on sweaty workout to hot yoga. But what do you do if you have kids home sick or multiple snow days? Here’s my quick-fix go to when I need to escape even for just a minute or two to keep my sanity. Remember, something is better than nothing and I like to crawl into my own private world of the Child’s Pose. I can hang out for just enough time to catch my ¬†breath or if I can, hang out a little (or a lot) longer.

Sitting on your heels, feet together, spread the knees until they are hip width apart. Gently lower your torso until it rests on the tops of your thighs. Place your forehead on the floor and allow your arms to relax by your sides, palms facing up. Stay here as long as you need. Focus on your breathing, taking nice deep cleansing breaths through your nose. Your eyes can be open or closed.

Modification: If sitting on your heels is difficult try rolling up a towel and placing it between your calves and the back of your thighs to provide some lift.

Arm Options: 1. Hands placed palm down one on top of the other, resting your forehead on the back of the top hand. 2. Reach arms straight overhead resting the palms down  -this is a more intense stretch.


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Author: tammyjuco

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