Muse Paint Bar Located at 837 Franklin Avenue in the heart of Garden City Village is a combination between an art studio and a wine bar. That is what makes it so much fun! Whether you are going out for a girl’s night, date night or if you are going with your child, there is […]

I Finally Found a Way to RELAX!

  Remember the good old days, when you were say, six years old and the absolute best present you could receive was a brand, spankin’ new coloring book and a fresh box of finely sharpened crayons? I remember years ago when the kids were little and they would ask me to “color” with them. I […]

How the Beach Can Improve Your Health

Here are more good reasons to head to the Beach this summer, or whenever.

Ten Ways Your Body is Telling you to Relax!

Your body is trying to tell you something. Make sure you listen.

How to Escape the Chaos When There’s No Where to Go

If all these snow days and the demands of the daily grind are leaving you feeling piqued, try this quick and easy move to escape; recharge or just take a deep breath.

De-Stressing December

“Tis the season” for stress and anxiety for many people as they try to plan and create the perfect holiday.

Unwind Your Spine

A tough day, a mom-to be or a new mom, lower back issues or you just need to relax before bed, this is the move for you.

Summer Camps for Adults?

Why let your kids have all the fun this summer? Check out these adult camps for yourself.


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