Unwind Your Spine

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This is a luxurious stretch for the whole torso, perfect for those with stress tension, those that sit for long periods at a time and for almost and new moms. This dynamic (moving) stretch will hit all areas from neck, shoulders, mid and lower back, chest, obliques and hips. Lying on your right side with both arms stretched out from your shoulders and knees bent, reach your left (top) arm past your right (bottom) hand, pause, and feel a stretch through your mid back and rear shoulders. From here, open up your left arm until both arms are on the ground and pause to release the chest muscles. Engage your abs and slowly bring both knees over to your left side, then follow with your right arm to close on top of your left arm bringing your head to the left too.  Repeat in the opposite direction. Do 3-5 reps on each side.

Notes: Pregnant moms and those with lower back or hip issues should place a small pillow or rolled towel between your knees to align the hips. Work with your breath and pause longer in the “tighter” spots to allow your body weight and gravity to release the tense muscles. Move slowly and deliberately. This is a great exercise to do just before bed.


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