lower back

My Hysterectomy Story … So Far

The skinny on hysterectomy.

Unwind Your Spine

A tough day, a mom-to be or a new mom, lower back issues or you just need to relax before bed, this is the move for you.

Ramp Up the Intensity

Burn more calories and see more changes when you add a little more intensity.

Be Good to Your Gams

Our legs take a beating daily, use this move of the week to revitalize them.

Escape the Insanity – Even if it’s for a Few Minutes

I'm slowing things down with this week's move. Use it for a post-workout stretch or as an effective temporary escape from the chaos around you.

Frog Kicks

Look great from behind with this butt blaster exercise.

Happy Baby Pose

Take care of yourself with this rejuvenating; lower back relieving, inner thigh stretch.

Wall Angels

This exercise will help re-align your spine and train your postural muscles to help you look taller and more confident.


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