Ch- Ch- Ch- Chia!

You may be more familiar with Chia seeds as the fast growing grass on the kitchy clay “Chia Pets” seen on infomercials back in the 80 and 90s. But don’t knock the Chia seed, it’s actually a power – packed super food. These seeds come from a flowering plant within the mint family. Its multiple uses were well known as far back as the Aztecs. There is so much to these tiny seeds, where do I begin?

Omega 3’s – it has the highest concentration in a plant form, which protect against heart disease.

Protein – all essential amino acids are packed into 20% of this seed. This will also help with prolonging the “full” feeling and prevent overeating and excess snacking.

Fiber – an excellent source, specifically because of its huge water absorption capacity, which again aids in that “full” feeling and the insoluble fiber helps slow down digestion of carbs and cleans out toxins from the intestinal tract

Calcium – 6x more than milk.

Magnesium and Iron – an excellent source.

Antioxidants – better than blueberries – important for fighting the aging process and cellular breakdown.

Chia seeds can be found at your local health – food store. They can be eaten raw, mixed with juice or water. You can add them to any kind of sauce or smoothie as a thickening agent or include them in baking. They take on the taste of the medium they are in and a little goes a long way.

This amazing ancient seed (also known as “endurance food”) was often the only food source for Aztec warriors traveling long distances. It is more easily digested than flax seed and no fishy taste. Shown to help with weight loss, prevent diabetes and heart disease, this super food proves that GREAT things do come in small packages. Click here to learn more about this amazing seed that not only can improve your health BUT also be a little crafty project for your kids.



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Author: tammyjuco

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