Burn Baby Burn!

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The New Year is fast approaching and you may already be contemplating those resolutions. You may be regretting the indulgences that have occurred thus far, knowing full well it’s not over yet. Admittedly, your best defense against this holiday weight gain is abstaining from the excessiveness. It can be hard sometimes and nobody wants a grumpy, hungry guest sipping water in the corner of the room to avoid temptation. Your next best bet is to LIMIT those indulgences. Start the season with a game plan.  Eat a balanced healthy meal before and stay away from the snack food. Space out your beverages. That being said, you may still be feeling the snugness of your pants, but all is not lost and you don’t have to wait until Jan 1 to be proactive (besides, chances are Jan 1 will be another indulgent day or at least a recovery day). Get up and move! That’s my best advice, burn those extra cals by getting off your butt. Standing burns more cals than sitting, moving burns more than being still. If you want a very general guideline as to the amount of cals you burn doing various activities – click here. Plug in your weight and the number of minutes for the specific activities. It has everything for typical exercises like weights and running to driving, cooking, pushing a stroller and housework. This can help you two ways: A– maybe you’re already doing a great job balancing the caloric intake of food and drink with the amount of exercise and activity you’re doing OR B– that one hour yoga class is just not enough to make a dent in the extra cals you’ve been taking in. This can inspire you too, maybe you’ll add an extra 10 minutes to your usual run or have a much cleaner home. Whatever motivates you, go with it.



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