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A Super Bowl-Inspired Family Work-Out

In the spirit of Super Bowl Sunday, I’ve come up with some quick (and easy to set up) relay games that the kids will love and FYI… so will adults. These relays can be modified for any number of players and set up in a huge field, backyard or basement depending on your space and […]

Burn Baby Burn!

Want to know how many calories your burning as you do your holiday baking? Or are you wondering if you're burning enough cals to eat that baking? Read on to find out.

Cold Weather Workouts

Don't let colder weather stop you from exercising outdoors. With these tips you can stay warm, comfortable and even fashionable throughout the winter.

If it Works for Jennifer Aniston It Has to Work for Me…Right?

Do you really think that if you do Jennifer Aniston's yoga inspired workouts you will look like her, because Cosmo said you would? If so, you need to read this

Don’t Be “That” Person at the Gym

Consider this the Emily Post version for Gym goers.


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