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What Diet Is Right For You in 2021?

With the snow and sleet, January also brings a bombardment of information about the different diets which will make you thin, happy and healthy. It becomes very difficult to weed through the exaggerated claims and riveting testimonials. I support happy, and I know maintaining a healthy weight will decrease your risk of both long and […]

Is Crystal Light Bad for Kids?

Hey, for that matter, is it o.k. for us?

How Much Weight Can You Lose in 7 Days?

The party is in a week? How you can look your best.

Take Your Resolutions from a Crapshoot to a Sure Thing

I've got 5 tips to make sure those resolutions stick this year.

Best Diets for 2018

It is the New Year! What diet will you start?

The Sad Truth About Holiday Weight Gain

I hosted 46 people for Thanksgiving, and about half of my family stayed overnight. Last night, I just about finished the sheets, got all the stuffing off the floor, put away the last of the orange candles and threw away the leftover dessert. Yet, when I opened my eyes this morning, I wasn’t relieved about being […]

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good For You?

What's all the fuss about?

246 Calories … THAT’s IT?

I don’t like to exercise. I wish I did. I am jealous of people who socialize, destress and energize through physical activity, but this has never been me. I have never finished a workout (other than yoga) and thought, “Wow, that felt great.” I only think, “Whew, thank goodness that’s over. Where is my Snickers?” […]

3 Tips to Losing Fat

The basics of weight loss can equate to expending or using up more calories than you consume on average. When people talk about weight loss they really are implying FAT LOSS. I don’t know of many people eager to decrease their muscle mass (especially since your muscle is your metabolic furnace). So let’s crunch some numbers to really understand how to achieve effective, […]

Freshman 15: Fact or Fiction?

What is the "Freshman 15" and are all college newbies destined to this fate?


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