35 Things Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day

In no particular order, here is what mothers say they really want for Mother’s Day.

1. I want a day in my own house – alone.

2. A clean house. Just for a day…a house where things stay where I put them.

3. I want someone to plan my kids’ summer camps and schedules, set it all up, and just tell me where they need to be. Oh, and then get them there.

4. I would like a Brinks armored car service to partner with Uber and drive my kids to their sports – safely and conveniently.

5. I would like to wake up to a clean, cheerio/goldfish/fossilized ice cream-free car with a full tank of gas.

6. A pitcher full of frozen margaritas.

7. I would like just a few moments of peace and quiet.

8. I want a tech free day. No iPhones, no iPads, no iNothin’.

9. I want someone else to change diapers all day. I don’t want to lift a finger, unless it is the middle one.

10. I want to have not shopped for, prepared or cleaned up after any of the food that is consumed all day.

11. An IV drip of Chardonnay.

12. I want there to be no laundry.

13. I want a full day when I don’t have to once clean the kitchen.

14. I want to just finish a task I start without being interrupted to … wipe something, referee something, make something, watch something or fetch something.

15. I literally just walked in on the boys smelling each other’s asses. Can we add no butt-smelling to the list?

16. I want someone to bring me coffee in bed, and then LEAVE. Leave for an hour so I can watch the news in peace.

17. We would like to not hear our names called. Just for one day, or at the very least, I would not like to hear “MOM!!!!” or “MOhhhh-uhhhhhhhm.”

18. I want to feel appreciated.

19. I want a raise, or at least a bonus.

20. I would like to not be called “squishy mom.”

21. I would like the mask Judy Jetson put on every morning so she didn’t look like crazy mom. Judy made mornings look so easy.

22. I would like to go anywhere with my kids where I didn’t have to get them ready, pack the snacks or yell for them to get in the car.

23. I want to sleep in.

sleep, insomnia, routine, eating, drinking, alcohol, exercise, health24. I want to sleep alone.

25. I want to have no plan at all, and I want everyone to be ok with that.

26. I want a thoughtful gift, like a dad would get on Father’s Day. I want an iPod with all my favorite artists preloaded. I want something which tells me my family knows I am more than a maid, a secretary and a chauffeur.

27. I want a day by myself, in my own (clean) home.

28. A couch, my favorite pizza, a glass of red, and Netflix–that I don’t have to share!

29. I want to not worry about anyone else’s mood all day.

30. I want a whole day when I never once say, “C’mon!! Hurry up. We’re gonna be late!”

31. I want someone to get the house and the kids ready for school the next day — homework done, bodies clean, teeth brushed and lunches packed.

32. I want a day when I don’t have to drive anyone anywhere.

33. I want my kids not to fight – at least within earshot.

34. I would like to celebrate how much fun I was before I was a mom … making my sacrifices that much greater because of the awesome me I left behind.

35. And the most important wish, the one that makes all of the others worth having is: AND, I DON’T WANT TO FEEL GUILTY FOR WANTING ALL OF THE ABOVE.


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Author: Karen Latimer

Karen is a Family Doctor, mom of five and founder of Tips From Town.


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