30-Day Plank Challenge, Who’s With Me?

After far too much rosé and ice cream this summer, I’ve decided to think of the start of my kids’ school year as a new year for me, too. It’s as good a reason as any to attempt to make some healthier choices. Since summer’s end and the sad thought of putting away my shorts and flip-flops is almost too much to bear, I’ll need to ease into my new routine. A recent Instagram post I saw that touted a 30-day fitness challenge might just fit the bill. A plank challenge that starts off with a mere 20 seconds for the first couple days? Even I can handle that. I’m not expecting it to be easy, though — by Day 12 I’m supposed to plank for 90 seconds, and by the end of the month I’ll be up to 5 consecutive minutes of torture. With a gradual progression and a few rest days in the mix, I’m hoping this is doable. So, who’s with me? If you’re interested, take a look at our fitness editor Tammy’s post about proper planking.

I’ve downloaded the app for this 30-day challenge so that I’ll get push notifications and won’t have an excuse for forgetting my daily plank. The plan looks like this:30 day plank

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Author: Jennifer Hamlet

Jennifer is the curator for Ridgewood and would love any feedback or suggestions you may have.


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