Neighborhood Elf-ing: Have you been Elf-ed?

If you are looking for a fun neighborhood Christmas activity other than Christmas Caroling, check out neighborhood Elfing. This fun idea can get the entire neighborhood playing along, or gives your family an excuse to spread some holiday spirit. Homemade Elfing letters came about because of a neighborhood gift similar to the Halloween Ghosting and You’ve Been BOOED Letter.

Print out the letter below or check out these free printables, find some holiday cheer (stocking stuffers, homemade cookies, candy canes, etc.), make a little sign with a Holiday elf on it. Then put them all in a little stocking or basket and leave them on someone’s front steps – don’t let them see you! Or leave your name on the letter so they know who is spreading the Holiday Cheer. Here’s inspiration from Pennies on a Platter on how to make an impressive, but inexpensive holiday basket.

Print out and include this letter:

Twas the weeks before Christmas

And all through the house

Not a creature was calm

Especially not mom.

When from somewhere in the

Neighborhood an elf arrived

Delivering holiday cheer

Then running to hide.

An elf has taken time to share

Now you can too

Spread the spirit to those near you.

Keep your elf on your door

So others will see

That you have a gift

Under your tree.

Enjoy this Holiday Cheer

And remember to share.

Merry Christmas to All

And a Happy New Year.


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Author: erinpruitt

I believe the best stuff is passed along. I will be sharing insider "tips" for your home, and fun ideas for your free time.