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Time is a precious commodity to most of us and with today’s demands pulling us in every direction it is very challenging to find “ME” time. The number one reason people do not exercise enough is TIME – as in, not enough time to fit it in. Unfortunately, regular exercise often gets deleted out of daily schedules to make room for work, volunteering, carpooling, and kids, kids, kids. Although it’s suggested that we all get a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise a day, that 30 minutes can be broken down into smaller more manageable segments. As long as we have accrued 30 or more minutes of exercise by the end of each day – we’re good.

So on that note, I’ve come up with a 10 Minute Body Blast that will get the heart rate up, and touch on all the major muscle groups of the body – no equipment needed. By throwing this quick little gem into the pockets of time in your day – you can achieve the same results and benefits of actually doing a full exercise class.


30” Jumping jacks

30” Bum Kicks


1’ Walking lunges

30” Supermans

1’ Forearm plank (from your toes or knees)

30” Squat jumps

30” High knees

30” Lateral hops (jumping over something sideways)

30” Split jumps

30” Pushups (from toes, knees, hips or against the wall)

30” Mountain Climber

30” Squats

30” Calf raises

30” Wall sit (knees close to 90 degrees) with arms held out at shoulder height

30” Bicycle

30” V-Sit hold


If you are a beginner or have lower back, hips, knees or feet problems, keep the cardio portion to low impact, which means that you always have one foot touching the ground. As you get stronger you can increase the intensity of the exercises by jumping higher or incorporating weights. This Blast will take 10 minutes but if you have more time you can repeat the sequence 2-3 times OR play around with the timing of individual exercises. You could increase each exercise by 30 seconds or repeat all the cardio exercises. A great option for those times you can’t make it to the gym or are at home with the kids.Exercise, health, fitness, workout, 10 minutes, full body, cardio


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Author: tammyjuco

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