10-Minute Body Blast

No time for exercise? No problem. This quick 10 minute workout can be squeezed into the small pockets of free time in your day.

When a Workout No Longer “Hurts So Good”

You had a great workout but 2 days later you can barely get out of or into a chair. What the hell happened?

Take 10 Workout

Use this workout as a warm-up, a pick-me up or turn it into a full on sweaty exercise session.

(One of) My Favorite Exercises

Asking me for my favorite exercise is like asking a kid what their favorite candy is. Here is just ONE of my staples and a bonus sample workout.

Creating a Budget-Friendly Home Gym

I've got tips and suggestions for starting a home gym without draining your wallet.

Fast Track to Fitness

Get back on track for the new year with this 20-25 minute workout.

Barefoot Beach Bootcamp

Work on that Beach bod at the beach. No shoes required.

My Favorite (Type of) Workout

Read on to find out what MY favorite type of workout is and why I love it. I've also included a sample of this workout for you to try at home.

Despicable DOMS – A Love/Hate Relationship

If the sight of the toilet a few days after a workout evokes feelings of dread, you know DOMS.


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