Yoga Studio on the Go

I only exercise because I know I should. Exercise is good for the heart, good for cutting down on disease risk and great for lowering your stress level. If those aren’t good enough reasons, it is also vital for a healthy sex life. I dread working out most days. I resent the time and sometimes, money, spent. I am always on the lookout for a shortcut.┬áMy sister-in-law recently recommended an app called Yoga Studio. Yoga is the only form of exercise I even remotely enjoy, so I downloaded it, and am very happy I did.

For $2.99, I just took a fantastic, easy to follow, appropriately challenging yoga class. Even if I never take another one, I just got my money’s worth.

For this one time fee, you have access to lots of classes at all different skill levels. You can ┬átake 15 minute classes for a quick fix or longer classes for a real work out. It’s all on your phone, so if like me, you have little kids at home, you can hide out in your bedroom and don’t need access to a TV. (Once I turn the TV on, my kids are attracted to me like flies on … fruit.)

If you are a beginner and are slightly intimidated by all the Ohms and Zen, you can learn the basics at home. If you’ve taken yoga before, you can customize classes to suit your specific needs.

It is truly a well done, useful app and worth the 3 bucks. Give it a try. Yoga is great for any age and any physical fitness level. Contrary to naysayers’ opinions, you can get your heart rate up, will improve your flexibility and balance, protect your joints and, did I mention, enhance your sex life. Namaste!

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Author: Karen Latimer

Karen is a Family Doctor, mom of five and founder of Tips From Town.


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