There Will Be No Tricks With These Halloween Treats-Even Parents Will Love Them

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I’ll admit, Halloween for our family, and many others, marks the beginning of “Eating Season” starting with all those candies, chips and other gooey goodies hanging around the house. This leads into Thanksgiving and Christmas and well you see where I’m heading with this. Along with this is cooler or downright cold weather for most of us, and shorter days. All of this contributes to our instinctual “hibernation” tendencies. Hibernation also means fat gain for survival, which we don’t need, just like we (and our kids) don’t really need all the junk that comes with Halloween. Now I’m no party pooper. I love celebrating all the holidays and I love food too, but moderation tends to go out the window. I’m offering suggestions to help keep that sugar overdose in check.

My oldest daughter was about 4 when a dentist in the neighborhood handed out books at Halloween and she LOVED it. It was special because it stood out from the rest of her goodies. Over the years I’ve noticed more and more people giving out creative treats that don’t necessarily have to be eaten and the kids LOVE them. It’s not really about candy but just “getting” a small delight in their pillowcases.Nutrition, Halloween, healthy nutritional, treats, trick or treating, non-edible treats, organic treats, food choices, tips from town

Here are some ideas of what you could offer kids at your home that will bring you smiles and not get your home egged or TP’ed.

Non- Edible:

Stickers, Band-Aids, dollar store trinkets, books, toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, pencils, erasers, notepads, bookmarks, tattoos, small balls, Halloween-themed goodies such as spider rings, skeleton key chains, glow sticks, playdoh and silly putty. For more ideas on non-edible treats, click here.


Gum, Organic treats like lollypops, fruit leathers, raisins, craisins, Nuts, trail mix, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, etc. For more ideas on healthier treat options click here.

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