Tammy’s Tips for a Rolling Plank

Move of the week, exercise, abs, core, back, plank, rolling plank, fitness ball, physic ball, tips from townThis week’s move is for all you plank pros out there. If you can hang out in a plank for more than a minute you need to up the ante with a more time efficient yet challenging modification. Again, the fitness ball adds instability, which pushes the core into overdrive to keep everything stabilized, but if you don’t like the ball or don’t have one, this move can be done without.

1. Come to a plank with your forearms on the ball (you can do this from your toes or knees).
2. Keep your weight evenly distributed along the whole forearm not just the elbow joint. Elbows are under the shoulders and shoulders are pressed down your back.
3. Keep the abs engaged and on an exhale, “roll” the ball a few inches away from you – now your arms will be straighter with the elbows in front of the shoulders.
4. Hold here for a second or two and then using your abs, pull the ball back to the starting position.
5. Do 15-20 reps.

Notes: Keep a straight plank – no hips dropped and no bum up. Do this slow and controlled so the abs have a chance to kick in with each movement and do their job. Keep breathing.

Easier: Do fewer reps. Go to your knees. Omit the ball and do this in a forearm plank on the floor. Instead of “rolling” the ball, you are pushing your body weight forward on your tippy toes (elbows will be closer to your body than your shoulders), pause and then push yourself back to the start position.

Harder: Do more reps. Do this move on one leg only (remember to do the same number of reps on both legs). Elevate both feet on a chair, sofa or stool.

First published May 2013

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