A Blowout Bar you can afford

Everyone wants beautiful tresses, but most of us save blowouts for when we have an important event.  I was blessed with a thick, frizzy, unruly mane that has been nearly impossible to manage.  Professional hairstylists have been the only ones with the ability to tame my hair, unfortunately that begins to add up and so I used to resort to a ponytail most weeks.  

That went on for years until I discovered Well Light Hair Salon in Massapequa.  For just $16.00, these hairstylists perform magic with their blow dryers and brushes.  They start you off on a cushioned reclining seat where you spend 10 minutes getting your hair washed and your scalp massaged.  The stylists take their time and make sure you wind up with a modern, sleek look.

And….for just a few dollars more you can even request a beachy, loose curl look for those days when you want something a little different.

Well Light Hair Salon 1495 Hicksville Rd., Massapequa, NY 11758

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Author: Jennifer Koliatsis

Jennifer is a middle school English teacher. She lives in Bethpage with her husband and two teenagers. To her, a great night out is anywhere with great people, whether that's at home, a new restaurant, or even a PTA meeting.


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