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Salt, Sugar, Fat, Salt: How the Food Giants Hooked Us – Michael Moss  A real Nutrition, book recommendations, salt, sugar, fat, clean, the paleo approach, tips from towneye opener along the lines of Fast Food Nation. Author Michael Moss, takes an in-depth look at the Food Giants – Kraft, General Foods and Post to name a few and how science and technology along with an ever increasing need/desire for convenience has led to the Franken-foods filling our local food stores. Taking us DEEP behind the scenes, looking at the masterminds of such things as bliss points, mouth feel, children’s’ marketing and the resultant overly processed, prepackaged chemically laden “foods” consumed by Americans across the board. Discover how the terrible trio of fat, salt and sugar play starring roles in addicting us and what role they may play in our rising obesity epidemic. Moss has gathered his info for years from gaining access to company memos, personal emails and candid interviews with former employers. If you’ve never read a food label before, I guarantee you will now. You will no longer walk complacently into a grocery store, you will not look at cereal, cheese or fruit juice the same. Your eyes will be wide open to the blatant ads to your 4 year olds to buy buy buy… crap.

The big question… is it too late to turn back, although the few brave attempts to a healthier course have failed miserably?

Clean – The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself Alejandro Junger, M.D. 

Nutrition, book recommendations, salt, sugar, fat, clean, the paleo approach, tips from townYes this is a book designed to guide you and (very easily, I might add) to follow their cleanse program. This cleanse is not a one time thing but is meant to be a nutritional lifestyle change by eating clean. I am not promoting that – that is a personal choice and the concept of cleansing is a whole other article, or 3. What is terrific about Dr, Junger’s book is the vast wealth of nutritional information and particularly how it pertains to our gut health. Our guts are primary outlets for our immunity. If our gut health is off, guess what? And if we eat the junk food that is prevalent in our food stores and restaurants, guess what again? I recommend this book for the education and information alone. If you never actually do the program it will still be worth it. It is designed in a manner that can allow you to incorporate small nutritional changes and build up to eating clean, if it’s just too daunting for you to jump in with both feet. Nothing is more essential than knowledge and once you understand HOW your body works and reacts to various stimuli, it will make perfect sense. WHY should we run to certain foods and avoid others like the plague! The variety of recipes is also worth the price of admission alone.

I’m eagerly anticipating:

The Paleo Approach: Reverse Autoimmune Disease, Heal Your Body – Sarah Ballantyne 

This is actually a two-part book, the first will be available in December. A scientist (and fellow Cannuck) once obese with several underlying health issues Nutrition, book recommendations, salt, sugar, fat, clean, the paleo approach, tips from town recognized that her diet was the major contributing cause of all her health woes. As a fellow lab rat, I am all over anything with medical/scientific explanations and the unbiased research to back it up. I love how she has married her love and experience of science, with cooking and baking to provide wonderful diverse recipes and health filled explanations along the way. Her personal proof is in the pudding, so to speak, just adds to the significance of the information she is putting forth.

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