Rock Your Minis with Confidence

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Remember the rumors that Demi Moore paid $9,000 to get knee lifts years ago? While many women complain of saggy or chubby knees, not many can afford to get plastic surgery. The good news is  that it’s really not necessary and with a combination of cardio exercise most days of the week, a healthy, balanced nutrition, low in refined sugars AND resistance exercises to tone and sculpt those thighs – you’ll be able to rock those mini skirts and shorts with confidence. This isometric (non- moving) exercise is a different yet effective way for working the calf, hamstring, glute and core muscles with an emphasis on the lower thighs.

Stand against a wall with feet hip width apart, toes pointing forward.  Walk your feet out as you slide your torso down the wall, stopping when your knees are at about 90°. Make sure your knees are over your feet and not sticking out past your toes. Adjust your feet accordingly. Keep your head up and engage the abdominal muscles to press your lower back and shoulders into the wall. Press through your heels to engage the muscles in the back of the legs and glutes.

Start for a 30” hold and work up to 1 minute OR until the leg muscles feel fatigued (if you do not have a watch).

Easier: If this is difficult – do not come down as low on the wall and/or hold for a shorter duration.

Harder: Increase the time; Hold weights in your hands; Do 30” of a one-legged wall sit (support your weight on one leg only and make sure your hips stay level); Extend (straighten) the free leg and hold out for time or repeat the reps; Add ankle weights to the free leg or secure a band around both ankles to add resistance to the straightening leg.

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