Our Favorite Wings in Westfield for Superbowl Sunday

Ordering wings for Superbowl Sunday? One of our favorite spots is Roosterspin. It recently was named one of the best wings in NJ by food critic Peter Genovese of NJ.com. We love the industrial vibe; wood floors, metal-backed bar stools and vinyl albums lings some of the walls. But the big draw is their crispy Korean double-fried chicken wings in hot and spicy sauce. Choose from Soy Garlic or Spicy Soy Garlic or order half and half. Have it with their Roosterspin rosemary hand cut fries made with spicy mayo and bacon mustard. If you’re not in the mood for wings, try their Bibimbap with seared tuna or a bowl of steaming hot ramen.

Find out how to make your own Bibimbap

And when you’re in the mood to belt out a few tunes and channel your inner Lizzo and book a private karaoke room!

Roosterspin, 251 North Ave W., Westfield, NJ.

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