Life is All About Balance

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We don’t realize how hard our core works or how necessary it is for the very basic of movements until there is a problem. Posture, walking, literally balancing and so much more depend on our core (the entire torso section – not just abs) to keep us upright and make those minor, constant adjustments as we move (this is called proprioception). Without a strong core, other areas of our body have to compensate and often end up injured. This move of the week targets specifically this concept of balance using ONLY your core or torso. It’s actually a fun exercise, doesn’t take long and is a favorite of athletes that require ultimate balance (skiers, snowboarders, skaters etc). Use a properly inflated ball of appropriate size for you (see video). Ensure you are working in a safe environment (no clutter, kids or small animals) and preferably with carpets or mats. Sitting tall on the ball, dig both heels into the side of the ball while your toes are secure on the floor. Keep both heels “glued” to the ball the entire time. Slowly raise one toe (or kickstand) and use your core (abs, back and sides) to maintain your seat on the ball and not roll off. As you feel yourself losing balance, drop your toe back to the floor to re-stabilize yourself. Repeat this 3 – 5 times alternating the toe you lift off the ground.

Notes: This exercise forces you to maintain excellent posture – otherwise you’ll roll right off your ball. Keep breathing and focus your eyes on a spot in front of you to help with balance. Proprioception is one of those marvelous things that improve rapidly and you may see results with just a few consistent sessions.

Easier: Do this with a cushioned chair or sofa at your side. If balance is a real issue for you, only attempt to lift one toe only and use your chair or sofa to hold on to – but only very lightly. Once your proprioception or balance improves, move away from the extra support.

Harder: Do more reps. Lift both toes off the floor. Move your arms around at random in circles and up and down as this offsets your center of balance. Hold a weight; do basic arm moves like biceps curls; toss a ball back and forth with a partner.

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