Get Sculpted for Spring

get sculpted for spring


By now, most of you are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel – yes I’m talking about warmer weather. But then another thought hits you – In your endless hibernation mode you haven’t given one thought to your limbs in months. Next comes the dreaded realization that not only is your skin pasty (under all that hair) but the months of curling up under a blankie by the fire has led to some muscle atrophy (i.e. your guns and gams look more like jelly). And Egads! Spring break is around the corner followed quickly by the May long weekend and summer. Don’t fret just yet, there’s still time for some quick spring training. So shed the layers, shave those legs and let’s get started.

Whether you’re looking to get toned, sculpted, chiseled, cut or ripped this 30-day (plus one) Sculpted for Spring Challenge is for you. Appropriate for Beginners to Advanced, Beginners using Body weight and low impact movements; Advanced using weights and high impact movements and those in between can use a combination of these options.




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Exercise Notes:

Tricep Dips – off a chair, low table or on the floor

Plie Squats – feet are wider than hip-width and turned out 45 degrees, back is straight, pelvis tucked under

Side Lunge – step to the right and sit bum back like there’s a chair behind you. All your weight is in the right (bent) leg and the left leg is straight. Push off the right heel to return to start

Down Dog Hold – focus on head between arms, back straight, shoulders pressed down away from ears and try to get heels as close to floor as you can

Jump Squats – use arms to  power body off floor and land softly into deep squat. Low Impact – same movement without leavingthe floor – up onto toes and down into squat

Split Jumps – jump in air and switch legs landing softly into lunge. Repeat, switching legs. Low Impact – stay LOW in semi squat and alternate rear lunges

Lateral Hops – jump wide side to side from one foot to the other landing in low, one-leg squat. Low Impact – stay very low and take BIG, quick steps from side to side

Step-ups – use 2 stairs, a chair, or low table step one foot on and stand up then return free leg to floor. FRONT: stairs are in front of you; moving forward / Side: stairs to your right or left and you stand up onto stairs sideways


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