Let’s Talk About Healthy Sleep for Teens

Wednesday, April 27  •  7pm

Here is a subject that seems to come up again and again: teens and sleep. How much do teens need? Are they getting enough? This month’s Community Outreach Program Wellbeing Speaker Series will present pediatric sleep expert, Dr. Judith Owens’ presentation, “A Perfect Storm:  Sleep in Adolescents.”  Dr. Owens MD, MPH will describe normal sleep development during adolescence and outline the physical and mental health, safety and academic consequences of deficient sleep in teens. She will also summarize the data supporting healthy school start times as a public health intervention.

The presentation will take place virtually on Wednesday, April 27 at 7pm via Zoom.  Registration is required:  https://tinyurl.com/2xnunj5e

How Much Sleep Does Your Child Need?

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