Lazy Day Legs (Workout)


Exercise, legs, gluteus, lazy day workout, body weight training, resistance, all fitness levels, tips from townThis is a short workout for those of you who have excessive guilt and can’t bear to miss a workout. Whether you’ve been up all night with a sick child or maybe you’re the one that’s under the weather, you want to squeeze in some kind of exercise. This is a gentle yet challenging workout for your legs that won’t tax you too much, but will still let you feel that you did something.

If you are up for it – try to do a 3-5 minute warm-up by marching or jogging on the spot or walking up and down the stairs.

A – Begin lying on your right side with the right leg slightly bent and head resting on your right arm – working the left outer thigh:

  1. Clam Shells (with or without a band tied around your thighs) – Open and close the left leg for 15 reps/ hold open for 15 counts/pulse open for 15
  2. Straight Leg Lift (Left) 15 reps/15 count hold/15 rep pulse
  3. Hold leg (Left) up and Hamcurl 15 – bring heel to bum and straighten (squeeze bum)
  4. Straight Leg Circles (Left) 15 both directions – move from the hip not the knee
  5. Top Leg (Left) Knee to Heel Press 15 – touch top bent knee to floor at hip area then press the heel up and back as you straighten your leg

B – Support your body on your Right forearm; bend the left knee with the left foot flat; keep abs engaged, working the Right inner thigh:

  1. Straight Leg Lift (Right) 15 reps/15 count hold/15 rep pulse – bring leg up to left knee
  2. Straight Leg Circles – 15 both directions – move from the hip
  3. Hold top (Left) leg up and straight while lifting bottom (right) leg up to the top and down 15 reps

C – Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat:

  1. Glute Press 15 reps/15 count hold/15 rep pulse – press through both heels to lift hips off floor and squeeze bum then touch floor and repeat
  2. Left Leg Glute Press 15reps/15 count hold/15 rep pulse – keep right foot off floor
  3. Right Leg Glute Press – left foot off floor
  4. Glute Press Hold – open and close knees 15 reps – keep hips lifted entire time

D – Lying on your left side with the left leg slightly bent and head resting on your left arm – working the right outer thigh – Repeat ALL exercises in A and B

E – On your hands and knees:

1. Donkey Kicks 15 rep/15 count hold/15 rep pulse – draw the left knee to chest and kick up to ceiling through your heel

2.  Fire Hydrants 15 – bring left bent leg to you left side – lift and lower from your hip (like a dog going pee – hence the name)

3. Straight Leg Donkey Kick 15 reps/15 count hold/15 rep pulse – keep the left leg straight the whole time – tap toe to floor and lift straight up

REPEAT ALL exercises in D on the Right leg


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