How to Erase All the Bad Stuff on Your History on Social Media

I came across this app and I think it is a must-have–especially for anyone looking for a job or applying to schools. It’s called Scrubber. It essentially “scrubs” your account of any embarressing or off color posts or comments.

You link the app to all your social media accounts. It will then flag any inappropriate comments by you or anyone else in your comment section for free.

You may have posted a perfectly normal picture and caption but one of your friends may have posted something very inappropriate under the photo. Scrubber will flag that comment so you can delete it. If you have a lot of flagged posts you can pay Scrubber a onetime fee of $19/month and they will delete all the flagged comments. Humans do not read your posts. It is software that goes through your feeds 99.9 percent of the time.

This is great for anyone at any age if you are on social media. I recommended it to a college student interviewing for an internship last week.

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