How Fit is Your Family?

health, family fit test, lifestyle, nutrition, fitnessI’m really excited! I recently stumbled upon this little survey and thought it was so well done, I had to share it with you. This Family Fit Evaluator takes all of 5 minutes to complete and you are rewarded with an overall score of your family’s fitness level. Based on your responses, you are provided with immediate feedback on how to improve various areas of your family’s behaviors to be more healthful. Along with the suggestions are links to further information on the topics along with helpful tips (some of which are printer friendly for use in your home).

Have your spouse and any children old enough to understand the questions, do the survey separately and compare your results.

I recommend trying it out even if just out of curiosity. In the very least you will now have a link to a fabulous website with great resources for you and your family.

Monitor Those Moles.


Here’s an Easy Prep, Easy Clean-up Meal-in-One-Skillet:
Mediterranean Chicken with Spinach
One-Skillet Mediterranean Chicken

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