Biceps & Hammer Curl


woman exercise bicep weights after workout

Show off your guns with these moves. Use a form of weight (dumbbells, water bottles, canned food, laundry detergent etc) for these exercises.
Biceps curl
with palms facing up, bend your elbows and bring the weights towards your shoulders, squeeze and slowly release back to start. Raise for one count, lower for 3 counts. Hammer curls  as above, use weights but keep your thumbs pointing up and palms facing each other. Do 10-15 reps of both moves.

Notes: Don’t hold your breath, inhale on lowering and exhale on lifting. Keep your shoulders down and back (elongate your neck throughout).
Harder:  Use heavier weights and/or do more reps. Perform half of the range of motion – starting with arms bent at 90 degrees and contracting to shoulders then back down to 90. Or, start with arms elongated and contract to 90 then return to straight.

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Author: tammyjuco

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