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This full body move of the week is fun but tough too. An exercise of many names: sandbag swing, kettlebell swing, axe chop – the difference with this exercise over most, is it works with momentum. Now I know I’m always stressing NO momentum – use your muscles. However, the momentum here is used to exercise our muscles eccentrically by slowing down the movement and then changing the direction. You can use a sandbag, duffle bag or backpack filled with weights, books, cans, or whatever you have to weigh it down. You can use a heavy dumbbell or even a large laundry or juice jug with a handle filled with water or sand. Standing with feet wider than hip width apart, toes forward, grasp the handle or weight with both hands, squatting down. Keep your back flat and abs engaged throughout to protect the lower back. Using the power in your legs, glutes, abs, arms, shoulders and chest – SWING the bag forward until it gets to about chest height as you stand up from the squat position. Using your back and core, slow the momentum and reverse the direction flowing into a deep wide squat as the bag swings between your legs. Repeat this with fluidity for 25 reps.

Notes: Keep the abs engaged and breathe throughout. As you stand up out of the squat and the bag reaches max height thrust your hips forward for the extra power, squeezing your bum. As the bag comes down keep your back flat, shoulders pressed down and chest up. If the bag is collapsing on you, it’s too light. If you can’t get the bag higher than your belly, it’s too heavy.

Easier: Don’t go too heavy with the weight but just enough to make you work. Keep the squat higher and the swing lower. Do fewer reps.

Harder: If you have no back issues, don’t be afraid to go heavy with this move. Sink deeper into your squats, keeping the knees over your toes but not past and your hips back. Do more reps. Do one arm swings.

Challenge: Do 100 reps OR set a timer for 3 minutes and go all out. Count the number of swings you complete to compare to the next time.


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Author: tammyjuco

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