Drink Your Water!

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70-75% of our body weight is water.  There’s a reason why your mom always told you to drink your water.  It’s a vital component to our survival (we can last much longer without food).  It is essential to every bodily function including temperature regulation, digestion and metabolism.  As the major component of our blood, it helps deliver nutrients and oxygen to cells and rids the body of wastes and lubricates joints and mucosal surfaces, such as the eyes and mouth.

While there is no scientific evidence to support 8×8 concept of drinking water (8 glasses of 8 ounces), for those who like specifics, it’s a good guideline to follow daily.  What really counts is your feeling of thirst and the color of your urine.  It you are thirsty and/or your urine is darker than a pale yellow – you definitely need to drink more water. Other factors that affect how much water you need are the amount and intensity of exercise you do, your environment (very cold, hot or dry), the altitude, pregnancy, breastfeeding, illness and of course, your height and weight.

If drinking this much is difficult, keep a little chart with you to track it.  Try to keep water with you at all times, so you are constantly sipping. Using a container with liquid measures will help you record.  You want to drink continuously throughout the day so don’t gulp down 64 ounces first think in the morning.  If you don’t like the “taste” of water, add fresh fruit (lemon, limes, orange, berries), cucumber or mint to flavor the water.

Avoid “Healthy Water” drinks – check the label because chances are they are loaded with sugars and preservatives.

Avoid carbonated waters – they decrease the pH in our blood making for a less than optimal environment for our bodies to carry out the plethora of operating functions that keep us going.

Try to start your day with a warm glass of water and lemon to get things going.

If constipation is a problem – fiber definitely helps.  If you are not drinking enough water it will exasperate the problem.

A last note: While ALL fluids can count towards your daily fluid intake, try to remember that you want to replenish what you are made of.  Water is the answer not alcohol (which is chock full of empty calories and dehydrating), coffee and teas count too but are diuretics and can further dehydrate you.  If you add cream and sugar, add on calories and fat.  The same goes for sodas and juices.  Save the sugar/calorie ladened sports drinks for when you are exercising intensely for longer than an hour.

Drink your water for a healthier body, healthier skin, and to satiate your thirst.  It will also help curb your hunger and facilitate weight management.

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