Are you a late night snacker? Did you ever get that feeling you need that pretzel or piece of candy at 10pm, but you know you shouldn’t? I am up late at night working on my posts and let me tell you, I am going to gain 50 pounds. How can I stop my cravings(clearly I have no will power)  Eating Well Magazine, January/February issue had a great column The Skinny – How to Conquer Your Cravings”.  One trick when you get the craving feeling, you should make a muscle and it will help you get a surge of will power. I am willing to try anything so  don’t laugh if you see me or others walking around town making muscles one day!

3 Tips to Losing FAT!

Sugar is Hiding EVERYWHERE!

baby yogurt

Read Your Food Labels…Carefully.

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Author: megandunphey


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