Could the solution to Summit commuter parking be “Uber” easy?

Parking for commuters has always been an issue in downtown Summit.   City lots are filled to capacity – and beyond – every day, and usually before 8:00 am. In an effort to ease the parking congestion, the City of Summit is researching an agreement with Uber to bring commuters to and from the train station, and most importantly, leave their cars at home.

Uber is a San Francisco-based company that allows consumers to use an app on their smart phones to submit a pick-up/trip request. The request goes to Uber drivers, already in their cars and in the area. Since accounts must be set up in advance with a credit card, no cash needs to change hands, including tipping, speeding up the process.

The local Uber app that the City of Summit is considering would initially be targeted at resident commuters.  The idea is to provide a convenient service that would allow commuters to take a ride in an Uber vehicle in the morning and evening, rather than driving their cars to the station lots and leaving them in paid parking all day.  The City has said that the Uber service could potentially cost as little as $5 per day for transportation to and from the train station, and could potentially free up more than 100 parking spaces.  A pilot program using Summit commuters will begin in the new year. shutterstock_273734912

The City is asking that resident commuters take a quick survey about parking issues in town and the viability of a service like Uber. Mayor Ellen Dickson explains, “We are actively working with Uber to improve Summit’s transportation and parking options. The survey will help us find ways this exciting initiative can be offered in the coming months to Summit resident commuters.” Click here to take the survey here.

Also, if you are a Summit resident, and you think Uber might be the answer to your parking frustrations, thinking about participating in the Uber pilot program.  To submit your information click here. IMG_0752.JPG

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Author: Patricia Cassin