Color Your FLOR

I have admired the FLOR carpet tiles catalog for quite some time. It is a carpet company that sells carpet by the tile instead of a whole rug. Create a rug of any size with a choice of patterns and colors from carpet squares. You can change it up over time when you become bored with it. If you have a pet or child that can ruin a rug (like the green Gatorade spill in my family room), you can replace a ruined tile with a new one instead of having to replace an entire rug.  The backing is rubbery so they stay in place, and you don’t need those annoying carpet pads. The FLOR dots are used to stick the tiles together, not to the floor. “Musings” is FLOR’s blog is dedicated to design inspiration. Check out their galleries.


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Author: erinpruitt

I believe the best stuff is passed along. I will be sharing insider "tips" for your home, and fun ideas for your free time.


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