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Stand Up Straight Please – Kid’s Posture

Do you ever find yourself saying to your children, please stand up or sit up straight? I do remember my own folks and even grandparents reminding me of this, yet I didn't know I was even slouching as I am sure our own kid's don't either.  There is a great article from The Washington Post (September 16, 2010) written by Lenny Bernstein, "To Help Kids Maintain Good Posture, Make it Fun" which goes into detail about how to get our children to stand up straighter and why they don't.

Need to De-stress, it’s Time for The Fountain Spa

A group of friends went golfing and  there was a discussion about how tight and stiff their upper backs were. Someone said it was from stress and someone else said it was because they were using new muscles.  We all decided, massages could be the answer.  When I decided to do my homework on a good spa for men and women in the area,  I remembered  The Fountain Spa, I love their tag-line "the Resort Spa Experience Close to Home".  Doesn't that sound like vacation already.


As I sit at the computer typing my posts, I want to snack. Luckily, I  just read in Women's Health Magazine (March 2012) that if you need help to curb your munching, up  your protein intake.  People who follow a diet with 10% protein, down 259 more calories (snacks) than those whose diets contain 15% protein (this all reported by the journal PLosOne).  If  you follow an 1,800 - calorie diet, aim to eat about 75 grams of protein a day.  This is something I need to try asap!


If you are an exercise enthusiast and love fitness, I do believe getting certified to become a personal trainer or group fitness instructor would be the ideal career. You could work independently or not, part-time or full-time and besides your love for exercise, you would be helping others to get fit and be the “cheerleader” […]


Planks are a great way to build endurance in both the abs and back as well as the stabilizer muscles.

Plie Series

This exercise works the legs and butt. Great to get ready for the summer season.

1. Stand with your feet wider than shoulders, toes turned out and hands resting on the hips (they also can be held straight over head or out in front of you).

2. Lower into a plie, then rise up. Do 15 reps, then hold at lowest point for two counts and  do 15 pulses, rising and lowering a couple inches. Do this 3 times.

Real Tricks to Get Fit

Warm weather has already graced this area and it's only April. Do you ever have the feeling it's too soon and you might just need a few more weeks to get fit?

Just for Today

Spring is in the air and I started some cleaning, luckily I found my old keepsake box. I opened it today and found this special framed poem that was given to me on my confirmation. There is no author noted on my keepsake, but whoever wrote this, good for them.  As I read this, it makes me stop and think (you will too), obviously why I saved it.  Enjoy.

Meg’s Message – Nutrition

TIP:  Start your day off with hot water and lemon.  Then fill a water bottle up and carry it with you all day so you can stay hydrated.

Meg’s Message – Exercise

TIP:  Nike+FUEL Band - It is the hot new item. These are hard to locate because they are new. This is what it does: measures your everyday activity (walking, running, dancing, tennis you name it), truly tracking every step, then it tells you how many calories burned. You set a goal for the day and using the fitness tracker with the iPhone mobile app you can monitor the progress. It will let you know how you are doing to reach your daily goal. Estimated retail about $150.00. Worn on the wrist, it is water resistant and the battery charge lasts up to four days per the website information.


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