A Complete Guide to Summer Wedding Decor

Planning a summer wedding? Feeling overwhelmed by choice? We asked stylist Tara Knowles of Save on Crafts for some tips on how to create a beautiful backdrop for your perfect day… without breaking the bank.

by Tara Knowles

When planning your wedding, your decor choices help set the mood of your big day for your guests. Whether you’ve envisioned a boho affair set in your favorite forest or a traditional ceremony in your parents’ backyard, you’ll need to assemble the perfect decorations to complement your setting. From table cards to flower arrangements, each element comes together to create a breathtaking backdrop to your wedding day.

Finding the line between creative and trendy can be tough, so read on below for five of the best decorating options for summer brides. Include one or all of them in your decorating to wow your guests. Many of these decor options can be created by the bride and groom if they’re artistic, so stock up on affordable craft supplies and start decorating!


Cascading Flower Arrangements
Make a dramatic impression on your guests with this fun, new take on flower arrangements. Work with your floral designer to create bouquets that spill out of their vases, or really turn up the drama with tabletop arrangements that work their way down the sides of your tables, like a table runner. These carefully constructed floral works of art only look like they’re held together by magic!


Personalized Table Numbers
Long gone are the days when a simple number sufficed to guide your guests to their chairs. Now, brides and grooms want every detail to work within their theme.

Instead of using numbers, consider naming your tables after favorite travel locations, places you’ve lived in, or your favorite flowers. Not only are these more memorable than numbers; they’re also a great way for your guests to get to know you!


Vintage Windows
Find a few of these at a local garage sale, grab a few chalk markers, and practice your calligraphy for a unique piece of wedding decor. Personalized vintage windows can be used to welcome your guests to your ceremony, direct them to their seats at the reception, or outline the times of major events throughout the day.

It may take a little practice to get the lettering correctly spaced, but the markers you’ll use are easily wiped off for another attempt. If all else fails, you’re sure to find a calligrapher in your local area to help!



Buy them in every size: not only are chalkboards inexpensive, but they’ve also got that vintage feel that’s on trend right now. Smaller chalkboards can label individual dishes or serve as table numbers at your reception.

Guests can write cute notes on a larger one for a fun take on a guestbook. You may also consider using a large chalkboard as a photo-booth backdrop so your guests can doodle around themselves before getting their photo snapped.

Mix and Match Table Decor
Instead of having every table look exactly the same, have fun with your color scheme to add texture and color. Use a variety of tones within the same color family in your table linens, or add a lace overlay for depth. You can also include a few tables with patterns to contrast against the solid linens elsewhere at your reception.

Many couples are also asking their rental companies to provide coordinating but not matching tableware. This approach makes the tables feel cozier, which translates into your entire wedding feeling more like a celebratory family gathering than a stoic affair.

Whether you include every one of these decor options or just a few, you’re sure to leave your guests with a lasting impression of your beautiful day. When planning your wedding decor, stick to your vision, get creative, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Summer weddings are all about fun and festivity that go well into the warm evenings, so create spaces where your guests are delighted at every turn. The result will be a detailed ceremony and reception where your personality as a couple shines through.



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