20 Things for Your Back To School “To Do” List

With only days left before it is “back to school” time – Here is what STILL needs to be done:

  • School Supply Shopping
  • Direct the kids to Cliffs Notes to review the book they were  “supposed to” read – or download the movie so they don’t look like complete slackers!
  • Get the car washed AND vacuumed!
  • Get an oil change
  • Return over due library books
  • Book a last minute Pediatrician apt.. to update vaccinations!
  • Have teenagers caterpillar eye brows waxed  (and probably your own as well!)
  • Weed through clothing – donate the outgrown and go outlet shopping!
  • Have kids clean out their desks
  • Purchaser new planners for parents/children
  • Stock up on groceries!
  • Binge watch your new favorite series on Netflix
  • Buy new Tupperware/lunch bags/backpacks
  • Bathe pets – Vet apts
  • Clean carpets
  • Vacuum and clean out under the kid’s beds – ( see video for my new favorite comedian’s take on this, Dena Blizzard from New Jersey!)
  • Clean out “junk” drawer in kitchen
  • Restock office essentials – new toner for printer, computer paper, stapler, pencil sharpener
  • Catch up on these last few days of sleep – get the kids back on a their sleep schedule
  • Don’t forget to take their picture on the first day

Please add any additional tips I may have left out in the comment section! Thanks!

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Author: Thea Ferzola


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