What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of plant essences that are extracted from different parts of a plant – leaf, root, seed, bark, flower, fruit peel. The essences contain chemical constituents that give them powerful healing properties for body, mind and spirit.  I can’t explain why, when you inhale different scents it makes your body react in different ways, but I can tell you from the second I walk into a spa the smell immediately calms me!
I was introduced to the Essence of Vali botanical mists last week and I have to say the mood in our house has been a little more balanced!
Essence of Vali botanical mists are beautiful and versatile and are created with plant essences in distilled water.  There is no purer way to scent a room, yourself, sheets and pillowcases or whatever else you might conjure up!
So the next time you need a boost during day, before reaching for a coffee or a candy bar, try spraying Uplift or Refresh in the air around yourself.  At night, before reaching for a drink (I know… that’s crazy talk) try Calm or Sleep to unwind.  The mists are great for the kids too!  Spray them in your bedroom and bathroom.
Available blends:  Balance, Calm, Detox, Fortify, Passion, Relief, Sleep, and Uplift available online and some spas. A 2 oz. bottle is $8.50 online.



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