The Best Playgrounds In and Around Ridgewood

shutterstock_185174024As spring finally arrives, it’s the perfect time to get outside with the kids — not too hot, not too buggy. If your backyard has it’s limitations, consider visiting one of the playgrounds in our area. We’ve listed  what we think are the best of the bunch, including the pros and cons of each.

Vets Field Playground in Ridgewood (closing on May 1 for renovations)


  •    Close to everything. Basically, a stroller walk.
  •    Close to the library, which has a great kids’ section
  •    Fenced-in (big plus for parents with little kids).
  •    Playset isn’t crazy and pretty safe.
  •    Great climbing playset (advantage for 3-5 year olds)
  •    Baseball and soccer fields for running around
  •    Kids love little stream and waterfall across the field.
  •    A sidewalk around the field is great for riding bicycles or scooters for older kids.


  • There closest bathroom is in the library. The bandshell bathrooms are frequently closed.
  • There are no swing sets at the playground. Big mistake.
  • On the small side and can feel often crowded. Best time to go is between 12 and 2.
  • Parking is relatively far from the playground and close to the street. You can’t let the kids just run to the playground.

The “Green” Park near Glen Rock Recycling Center – Doremus Avenue


  •  2 new, bright-looking playsets, for kids of different ages and sizes. Good additions of several slides and spinning wheel,  small climbing area
  •  There are swings
  •  Safe and fenced in.
  •  There is a small sidewalk around the playground for scooters or bicycles.
  •  Enough benches for every parent.
  •  Ample parking (although not always winter or spring time, when piles and piles of dirty snow are everywhere.
  •  Tables and benches for lunch or snack



  • Many trees shade this park, keeping it chilly on cool days.
  • No bathrooms.
  • Only two baby swings and two big swings, lines are inevitable.

Borough Park in Waldwick – Hopper Avenue


  • Be prepared for kids who don’t want to share.
  • For some, kids and sand together is a problem. But once you get over germs, dirt and sandy feet, it is a beautiful thing.
  • Once agin, no bathrooms.

playgroundVan Saun Park – 216 Forest Avenue, Paramus


  • Huge!
  • Train rides, carousel, zoo. Easy entertainment from morning till late afternoon. There are some great animals, too.
  • New and bright-looking playsets for kids of all ages.
  • Small cafe, with an okay selection for lunch: hot pretzels and hot dogs.  Better bring your own. But ice cream is always good.
  • There is a store for souvenirs.
  • Benches and tables are everywhere.


  •  Very large, so prepare to walk everywhere. Bring a stroller.
  •  Sketchy-looking bathrooms near the playlets. The cleanest ones are near the zoo.
  •  With large crowds and lots of spec, it can be easy to lose your child at the playgrounds.
  •  Schools love to bring kids there. You might experience an invasion of 50 seven-year olds.

If we’ve missed one of your favorite playgrounds, tell us about it on Facebook.


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Author: Jennifer Hamlet

Jennifer is the curator for Ridgewood and would love any feedback or suggestions you may have.


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