Antipasto means, “before the meal”, in Italian.  There is no one way to prepare this appetizer.  The items served depend on the region in Italy you may be visiting.  So being that we are in America, do what American’s do…...

An Italian Classic here in G.C.

Located at 2370 Jericho Turnpike in Garden City Park is a favorite restaurant of mine, my kids and my girlfriends. Uncle Bacala’s has been the go to place for communion parties, birthdays and numerous girl’s nights out. Normally we start at the bar and have a cocktail while catching up with Peter, the owner of […]

La Bottega – GC & RVC !

  La Bottega is a full service restaurant, though it is small in size to replicate the feel of an Italian trattoria. La Bottega offers a dine-in and take-out menu. They have something for the whole family. Over 65 panini and 25 salad selections, great pasta dishes, pizza, weekly lunch and dinner entrees & the […]

Bird’s Nest Pasta

Quick and delicious fresh tomato and basil sauce with some “bird eggs” thrown in. Use as a side or as a main dish. This is a great warm weather alternative to a heavy red sauce. You can use gluten free pasta as well.

Chicken Piccata

Everyone loves this go-to dish. Serve fresh steamed green beans with a little sea salt alongside. Award winning dinner any night of the week.

Lasagna-Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

Love this recipe from thekitchn. I love pasta. I love lasagna. But… sometimes I could do without the carb content in the noodles. Spaghetti squash  provides the bowl AND the “spaghetti”! These are generous in size, so for the...

Pasta Shells Filled w/Feta & Herbs

A timeless dish with an updated stuffing.  Fresh herbs and feta intensify the creamy ricotta cheese filling.  A side salad, a chunk of Italian bread and glass of red vino completes the plate.  So kick up your feet, “loosen your tie,”...