How Fitness Saved My Life – A Thanksgiving Narrative

There are so many reasons I am grateful for fitness in my life but this is probably the most important one.

Who Says You Need Fancy Equipment to be Fit?

I was recently surfing through some of our fitness editor, Tammy Juco’s, posts on fitness looking for something quick and effective that I could do at home and came across her post about  Body Weight Exercises. Tammy discovered Greatist‘s comprehensive list of 200+ bodyweight exercises. It gives you an endless combination of exercises that will keep me going for months to come–no gym necessary! I […]

Creating a Budget-Friendly Home Gym

I've got tips and suggestions for starting a home gym without draining your wallet.

Building a Home Gym on a Budget

For Snow Days, Kids Home Sick Days, or Everyday - I've got tips for setting up your own home gym without breaking the bank on equipment and renos.

Fast Track to Fitness

Get back on track for the new year with this 20-25 minute workout.

Obsessed with the Olympics

I was asked if I liked watching the Olympics strictly for the competitiveness of it and actually, I have to say that might be the least of my reasons – I’m obsessed with the Olympics. If it were socially acceptable and my kids (and husband for that matter) were self sufficient, I would lock myself […]

Barefoot Beach Bootcamp

Work on that Beach bod at the beach. No shoes required.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Fit Mamas

Here are some gift ideas to give the fitness enthusiast mama in your life.

How Fit is Your Family?

Take this simple survey to determine how fit your family is.

Tips to Getting Back in Shape After Baby

Congrats on your new baby! If you are itching to get back in shape, I've got some basic tips for all you new mommies.


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